Waking up in a fairytale every morning !

Interiors in Triyanda are unique with perfect solutions and highest quality materials.

Your Alarm Clock is Nature


Triyanda Masal offers a unique opportunity for a happy life with 23.000 m2 green area with various trees, plants and decorative pools.

The calming sound of water at every hour of the day

Triyanda Masal is the first project of İzmir that is established on water and nature. With 600 m2 outdoor pool, decorative pools running through the blocks every hour you will find peace.

A happy ending story for grown ups

Triyanda Masal is a complete new life style with 1000 m2 wellness center, outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, sport courts, Cafes, Market, playgrounds and open air cinema.


24/7 Security Service

Security checkpoints at the entrances and 24 hours live cameras. Video intercom system in each flat is also avaible to contact with the security team.

Healthy living is a standard

No excuse to skip exercise! Basketball and tennis court, walking tracks, bike tours ands swimming pool. Professionally operating 1000 m2 cardio and fitness center, saunas and outdoor pool are availably for your wellness through the winter.

Growing up in nature

A fairy atmoshphere for children! Nature and children will be reunited through green gardens, secure playgrounds away from traffic, chaos and air pollution.

For your comfort

Indoors are designed with the highest quality materials and perfecrt solutions for your comfort.

Peaceful Interiors

Light colors, French balconies opening up to the sky… Sounds of birds and harmony of green and blue outside of your window.