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EGESEL İNŞAAT established in 1995, has many successful projects on homes, offices and immovable properties. Throughout all projects, EGESEL İNŞAAT carries out the whole process from selection of land, ground improvement and developing environmentally friendly living spaces in accordance with regulations to all the details that create value for customers. With its strong financial background and dynamic professional team, EGESEL İNŞAAT designs projects that integrate know how of architects, interior architects and engineers in harmony. EGESEL İNŞAAT targets “minimum mistake” which enhances efficiency. Our company benefited many with its emphasis on reliability and high quality solutions and without compromising its principles. Paying close attention to details, EGESEL İNŞAAT works to build distinguished living spaces by identifying needs and expectations of its customers and to provide customer based, honest, accessible and distinctive service through protection of rights of customers both during and after delivery of services. EGESEL İNŞAAT which constructed more than 800 homes and offices in İzmir’s Gaziemir district and currently developing new projects mainly in Çeşme and Ayrancılar/ Torbalı has the capacity and strength to carry out all kinds of construction projects with years of experience and knowledge.


EGESEL İNŞAAT’s whole professional team’s understanding of profession and industry reflects the broad worldview of founder Hüseyin Şahin. In our view, our profession is not just about building venues and sustaining commercial activities but it is about constructing living spaces with all fundamental details and functions which will improve quality of living. Our social understanding and identity manifest itself in all projects we undertake because as we see it, life is a composition of values.


EGESEL İNŞAAT Egesel İnşaat provides service after delivery in all projects. All the owners of delivered immovables are welcome to contact us anytime they wish and need

Solution partners, advisors, suppliers and laborers are top priorities for EGESEL İNŞAAT. Our respect for labor is the ground of that perception.

EGESEL İNŞAAT comes up with the appropriate options to all customers and stands behind all properties that are delivered.

EGESEL İNŞAAT has high commercial standards and establishes long lasting relations with its solution partners.

EGESEL İNŞAAT does not mislead customers. Due to its transparency policy, all information is shared in an efficient time and manner.

EGESEL İNŞAAT is highly careful about timing. The principle “not tomorrow, not today but now” is indispensable to EGESEL İNŞAAT.



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